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Book CoverAt no time in human history have we been more disconnected with what lies outside our front doors. Within just a century, our relationship with our surroundings has transformed from one of exploration to one of disassociation. This Book Was a Tree offers the opportunity to become reacquainted with the Earth—to look at the world with fresh eyes. The book issues a call for a new era of pioneers—not leathery, backwoods deerskin-wearing salt pork and hominy pioneers, but strong-minded, clever, crafty, mudpie-making, fort-building individuals committed to examining the natural world and deciphering nature’s perplexing puzzles.

Each chapter introduces a principle for reconnecting with the natural world, from learning to be still to understanding the importance of getting dirty. Engaged in hands-on creative activities, readers will discover new ways to reanimate everyday life. With a mix of science and hands-on crafts and activities, readers are encouraged to brainstorm, imagine, and understand the world as inventive scientists—to touch, collect, document, sketch, decode, analyze, experiment, unravel, interpret, compare, and reflect. This Book Was a Tree will inspire lasting change in public environmental awareness—one step, one action, one word at a time.


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