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“Marcie Cuff makes nature even more fun than the way you find it. This is a book about imagination and creativity – and getting dirty. The projects in This Book Was a Tree remind us of the dozens of ways we can all connect with the natural world on a daily basis. And since Marcie writes from the heart, you can just feel the satisfaction and even joy you’ll get from connecting a little bit more with the world around you. She has ideas that everyone can try alone or with friends or family. She’s going to make a lot of lives simpler, happier and more plugged into the world that’s all around us.”

– David Yarnold, President & CEO, National Audubon Society

“It really is good to get dirty, and this is wonderful guidebook to exactly how!”

– Bill McKibben, author of Wandering Home

“This book still is a tree: to climb, survey and touch the simple wonders of nature. Marcie Chambers Cuff gives us back the physical world: Most of all, she returns it to our children.”

– Adrian Higgins, Garden Columnist, Washington Post

“If orangutans, Asian elephants, and crows can improvise creative ways to interact with nature, Marcie Cuff shows us: so can we! You are very lucky that you have picked up this book! Now go get your hands dirty and have fun!”

–Melanie Choukas-Bradley, naturalist and author of City of Trees.

“Somewhere, in a book of advice on aging, I read a fine adage: Do something real every day. That’s good advice for people of every age. From the title of the book, through all of its pages of ideas and adventures, Marcie Chambers Cuff helps us remember what’s real and what makes kids and their families feel fully alive in a virtual age.”

– Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle

“A book that wonderfully captures the wandering and wonderment of my youth – and brings it to life again.  Part project, part prose, what was destined for my niece in New England, has managed to linger on my desk for too long.  I might even keep it for myself!”

– M. Sanjayan, Lead Scientist and TV Host, The Nature Conservancy

“Whether you live in a 20-story building in the middle of the city or on a 20-acre preserve, this beautifully illustrated book urges us all to explore the outdoors like never before. Full of fun, simple ideas and endless inspiration, Cuff’s book will help all ages get creative and get connected – to nature, to the process, and to the world in which we live.”

– Bernadette Noll, author of Slow Family Living

“Marcie Cuff’s book is a treasure! Even a diehard nature-lover like me found new inspiration and ideas for getting my kid to put down the screens and come outside and explore, ask questions, and get our hands dirty while learning about this magnificent planet we share. Any parent who is frustrated by the draw of today’s relentless gadgets should bring this book home.”

– Annie Leonard, author and host, The Story of Stuff